Building Employment Skills and Donating to Head Start

Last month, participants of my agency’s class, dedicated to gaining employment skills, donated two miniature benches to Head Start preschools for children to use during recess.


building two park benches to gain employment skills


The goal of the class is to fine tune employment skills while having an impact in the local community.


Having a positive impact in the community.


We still have some of the younger and older generations holding negative stereotypes towards people with disabilities. These type of projects result in visible evidence that someone with a disability isn’t a burden on society.


breaking down the walls of prejudice


We tear down walls of prejudice.


All people can help!


Nurturing community partnerships for a person centered life.


The people in the class wanted to donate to these buildings as a way to say “thank you” for collaborating with the agency and the people it provides services to.


employment skills for all


These preschools are part of a solid relationship between our agency because they hire people with disabilities and allow volunteers to help read to little children.


Building employment skills with hands-on projects.


This is the aim of a recent program that started at our agency.


People get the chance to work on do-it-yourself projects aimed at strengthening one’s ability of using tools to conduct light home repairs.


tool class builds employment skills


They select the projects and are engaged from start to finish.


The recent project involved miniature park benches. These benches were donated in-kind from a local hardware store; two participants from the class approached the managers and spoke with them about the class and project.


Resources you can use to start a program that targets employment skills.


-Stanley Black and Decker’s website has a grant application for any nonprofit that is interested and fits their criteria. Because this is an employment skills building program, we focus on technical education with light home repairs.


Habitat for Humanity is an excellent nonprofit organization that might be involved in your town or city. This agency is dedicated to constructing roofs over people’s heads.


We have one person from our agency who enjoys going on builds


Habitat for Humanity employment skills


Habitat for Humanity also has a smaller program called a Brush of Kindness. This is a grant where people provide light home repairs to a homeowner’s place of residence. We recently used this program in our town and fixed up a senior citizen’s center.


Do you have a program that builds employment skills? Please comment below.


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