Plunging for the Special Olympics Basketball Team

Last week, the Polar Plunge occurred in a small Midwestern town. Participants of the 2016 Special Olympics Basketball Team cheered on volunteers who took the plunge for a cause. Overall, we were able to raise $11,000 for Special Olympics.




Freezing Our Butts off for a Reason


The Polar Plunge is a fundraising event for the Special Olympics. The one from this article was held somewhere in the Midwest.


Brave souls rallied together on a warm February day to take a leap of faith into an icy bath of doom.


polar plunge


(Actually it was 60 degrees last week!)


A few months before the event, teams and individuals did some serious fundraising. The minimal cost of each jumper was $100.


Players from our Special Olympics basketball team cheering us on.


The jump started at 1:30pm. You could literally feel all of the positive vibes coming from each person. An announced called the jumpers to line up… all of a sudden the Special Olympics basketball team appeared.


They cheered and waved their hands. However, they also spoke about playing Unified and ending segregation.


When the event was over, we raised over $11,000 and had a great turn out.


All thanks to our men in uniform!


The Polar Plunge is a fundraising event created by the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics.


This is big.


So big that it is on an international level.


The best part is participating in the actual Torch Run.


I remember two years ago it came to our town. All of the schools including students receiving special education services participated in the run across town. The police were with us running as well.


Have you done some type of fundraising for Special Olympics? How did you do it?


If not, check it out if it ever comes to you.




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