Raising Money with Inclusion to Fight Cancer

Oftentimes people with disabilities were stereotyped, segregated, and “protected” from society. Times has changed and here are some examples of how to promote inclusion and sports for all people.

The authors from Make the Day Matter!: Promoting Typical Lifestyles for Adults with Significant Disabilities and modern disability policies stress the importance of creating lives for people with inclusion in mind. Examples are showcased throughout the chapters. With that in mind, last fall I decided to act and create an inclusion activity…


Inclusion to fight Cancer


…to fight breast cancer!


“Ultimately, America’s answer to the intolerant man is diversity.”

— Robert Kennedy


People receiving services from my agency and students from a Special Education 100 class participated in the Big Pink Volleyball Tournament.




The event was held at the university’s gym. The purpose of this event was to raise awareness about breast cancer and raise money through the Susan B. Komen organization.  http://ww5.komen.org/

We created two teams: Unified and Showstoppas.

Both teams competed against two other teams.




The tournament contained a surprise…

The volleyball was replaced with a gigantic, pink one.




**Imagine it being pink!**

Before the games began, participants arrived early to raise their team spirit and warm up. All participants had a great time at this social event.

Overall, $200 was raised for the Susan G. Komen fund.


Now this was only an inclusion activity created with my Special Education 100 class…


Project Unify from Special Olympics reaches out to schools and local Special Olympics delegations to promote Unified Sports.


At a Special Olympics Coaches Orientation I learned that funds can be granted to schools for Project Unify.


I also found out that there is a Special Olympics program that promotes inclusion on the college called SO College.


This is where inclusive sports are played on and off college campuses




There are many benefits to inclusion.


Here are two:


-We spread tolerance to our younger generations; hopefully influencing any stereotypes held by our older generations.


-Special Olympics gains more volunteers and Unified Partners; this is vital for SPO to function


What are some ways you promote inclusion?

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