Eagles Aerie Fundraises for Special Olympics Basketball Team

The Fraternal Order of Eagles is a nonprofit organization that does great things for our Special Olympics Basketball team.


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This international organization has major charities and the local Aeries (instead of clubs or chapters) do fundraising for community charities.


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Their motto is “People Helping People”

For the past three years as Day Services Coordinator, a Trustee of the local Eagles Aerie known as Coach Andy has been involved with the people supported at the community based agency for people with disabilities.

It all started when my supervisor, Coach Andy, and I sat down to talk about the upcoming 2014 basketball season. I believe it was May of 2013.

Coach Andy stated that the team needed new uniforms with new guidelines of Special Olympics basketball.


special olympics basketball


He told us he had a plan that will bring the team together for fundraising. There was a large convention being held at the local Aerie and he asked if the participants would like to help run it.

They were to dress up in business-casual attire with nice sport coats and dresses.

The fundraising task was to help serve at the banquet, run booths, and sell raffle tickets


selling raffle ticket for Special Olympics basketball


He needed me to ask the participants if they wanted to help.


It’s intriguing how loyal and devoted participants are to Special Olympics and their coaches.

Every single person I asked agreed. We attended the convention and raised $500 dollars for the team uniform. That following month we were able to purchase the new team uniforms. What I found astonishing was that the manager of the t-shirt decal business WAS an Eagle; he ended up donating the t-shirts for charity.

The $500 was saved and was able to help the overall cost of attending the State tournament from agency staffing and transportation.

There was one person who couldn’t afford to attend but the Eagles covered them!


Fast forward three years…

Some of the volunteers that day, including myself, joined the Eagles Aerie because of this positive event.

The Special Olympics Basketball team recently played at the local Area tournament and are now preparing for the State tournament in March!



State Special Olympics basketball tournament is coming in March


There are lots of local organizations out there. What nonprofits or for profits have you reached out to?



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